Tao – A film by Arnau Cloquells

I am thrilled to invite you to experience the captivating film “Tao,” directed by Arnau Cloque, where you can catch my voice. Working with Arnau on this project, which tackles the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean, was an absolute pleasure.

Arnau proved to be a talented director, knowing precisely what he wanted to achieve and successfully bringing his vision to life. I take great pride in the final result, and I am confident that you will love it too.

The enthusiasm and positive feedback received from everyone involved in the project, as well as the audience, have been incredibly gratifying. I am delighted to share that our film has been nominated for two festivals and had its premiere at the Festival de Cine de Menorca and Menorca Doc Fest in Spain.

Recording my voice for this project was a thrilling and joyful experience. When you pour your heart into something, it has a way of becoming perfect, and that’s exactly what happened during our recording sessions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the film, its powerful story, and the impact it brings forth.