3 Billion Film: Poster Revealed, Storyline Unveiled, and Movie Trailer on the Horizon

The first poster and storyline details for the “3 Billion” feature film directed by Yolanda Torres have been revealed, giving us a glimpse of what’s in store. Stay tuned, as the movie trailer is expected to drop very soon.

Here’s a sneak peek into the storyline:

Eva, a genetic engineer, finds herself entangled in a paradoxical loop while on a quest to locate a mutated organism that could unlock the secret to longevity. Driven by a desire to prove her self-worth, Eva discovers that the demons of her past have resurfaced to haunt her.

She stands on the precipice of a defining moment, having unearthed an organism with a gene capable of extending human life—a form of immortality. However, the gene is on the verge of mutation, and alongside her team, Eva must embark on a mission to track it down before it transforms. Struggling with feelings of rejection, tormented by self-doubt, and harboring a secret terror rooted in her father’s demise from a shared condition at her age, Eva fears that her time may also be running out. Will she navigate the complexities of her journey and find her way back before it’s too late?

Keep an eye out for updates.